Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My "Expert" Singapore Idol Predictions: Piano Show Top 24 (Group 1)

I’ve got only 30 min to blog before results are out gotta do it fast!!

After a week which feels like forever, we finally get to see the first group of the top 24 perform. As promised in my previous Singapore Idol post, I will give my “expert” predictions like I did for last season’s American Idol. I wonder why they put the results show on the same day as the performance. Will it be the same for the spectaculars? I hope not. Is it fair?

I think I’m usually right around 60% of the time but no one cares anyway. I’m just doing this for fun and for my own personal satisfaction if I get my predictions right heh. It will be harder for me to predict with the results coming out so soon but I will try my best.
So who will go through?

My quick Predictions base on my boliao scorecard:

This 6 will go through to the next round.
(In alphabetical order)

1. Farhan Shah
2. Jannah Shaharuddin
3. MJ Kuok
4. Malaque Mahdaly
5. Syltra Lee
6. Tabitha Nauser

Maybe: Nurul Huda

I won’t reveal the details of my scorecard, but the top six will be my choice to go through be it being the 3 most popular idols or being saved by the judges. Not sure if it works, but I will make some adjustments for next week if it proves to be extremely inaccurate lol. What I can say is that one of my favourites, Syltra, gets the highest points tonight he he (no biasness involved here). She is definitely safe tonight as she will at least get "saved" by the judges.

Will I be right??

(Post button clicked on 9.43pm Wednesday 2 September 2009. Will not edit my predictions I swear! I'm very honest. Wrong then wrong la lol)

P.S: Love the new judges' Big Gulp cups

(Images Taken From: Singapore Idol Official Site)


  1. 5 out of 6 correct. Not bad right? =) Can be talent scout liao =P

  2. HAHA yeah man. damn sharp. HI It's me your blog fan groupie! :D Hahhaha and your blog is super funny if i may add. i quote, 'I think I’m usually right around 60% of the time but no one cares anyway.' HAHAHA no one cares anyway! I CARE MAN! me me! :D - charlene

  3. Ha ha. Thx Charlene for visiting and commenting on my blog again!! Really happy =) Glad you find it funny he he. All the best for your performance next Wednesday! Go join Syltra in the top 12!! =)